Former Chinese Leader Hu Jintao to Face Charge of Genocide Against Tibetan People


This story via Angry Tibetan Girl Guess who’s in trouble? HU’S IN TROUBLE!

A charge of genocide of the Tibetan people against former leader of China, Hu Jintao, will be heard in a Spanish criminal court.

These charges, which members of the Tibetan community had been trying to get recognized since 2005, and which were subject to lengthy and complex legal wrangling, will finally be dealt with in a court.

Phayul news reports Spanish court indicts Hu in genocide charges 

BBC News reports Spain probes Hu Jintao ‘genocide’ in Tibet court case

What can be said?

via Gurbum Tibet Gyalo, editor at Voice of Tibet. Chinese Army formation.

If you do not know why that image is provocative and problematic consider this:


Upon further research, this seems to be a Chinese military meme:


source: Chinese with Too much Free Time: 1,000 Arm Bodhisattva 千手观音 Photos with Guns, Grenades and Gloves (2012/05/23) on