Here’s the explanation of where Smiling Buddha Cabaret comes from.

Some of the writing from this blog has appeared on The Buddhist Channel as well as numerous other blogs.


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  1. Hello – Do you know my friends Susan Larke and Mike from the Victoria Shambhala Centre?

    I haven’t seen them since I stayed at their home as a guest several years ago, and have missed being in contact. Although I’m in New England, I intend to return again to B.C. so would like to keep contacts alive.

    Your blog inspires me to do some public writing about my own reflections – on Buddhism in daily life and what I’ve felt and seen since starting practice 35 or so years ago. I do quite a bit of one-to-one writing in correspondence which could prove useful, but so far my only entry is on the Chronicles at http://chronicleproject.com/daring_steps/daring_steps.html

    It’s a bit dicey here in Vermont at the moment. But we’re muddling through. Best to you. Quite an interesting situation you’ve got – I’m fascinated.

    Michael Billingsley/Ngakpa K. Jigme Tonpa

  2. Thank you for your comment. I haven’t been to Victoria for about 10 years and then only a brief visit so am not knowing the people you have mentioned. Writing is good. From people with some life experience and a lengthy practice it can give both insight and hope to those who are just beginning or having difficulty.
    The writing in this blog is kind of loud-the same way I sing when the mood comes on. One thing I love about India is people are always singing-from little children to taxi drivers to monks walking down the road. The more voices in the chorus the more harmonious resonance in the universe! Sing on!

  3. Well, I didn’t actually wait terribly long. You are a good inspiration.

    So the proof of the pudding is up and running (or perhaps it’s the proof of the muddling) – at http://jigmetonpa.wordpress.com

    What’s absolutely uncanny (and I mean this in all sincerity) is that when I flipped the strip of the ’73 photo from Tail of the Tiger with me and Karl Springer in it, it formed a wierd little Trungpa-Buddha above my head… sort of floating flying-saucer-ish right up there, cross-legged and beaming. Cute as the dickens. I didn’t see it at first. (Nor for that matter did I see the open “vagina” that it was poised over either… but I suspect that it’s all par for the course.) Tricksters at play. I will leave it and see what effect the whole display has upon my audience.

    Wierd though. And I trust from your writing that you would find this amusing rather than offensive.


  4. whoa! came accross your site thru the list of “women Buddhist blogs” and you have an incredible source here! your lists of Buddhist resources is quite extensive…wonderful!

  5. A warm hello on this rainy morning at the foot of Mount Fuji. I found you through a quote of yours about conversation on Tisha Berg’s blog and stopped by to say hello. I live in the mountains of Japan but my sense of natural energy wisdom that I live and teach and write is probably closer to the Tao than to Buddhism. Thank you for your blog – I will stop by from time to time. Please visit my bilingual website/blog at http://www.energydoorways.com when you have a chance. I would very much appreciate the opportunity to share perspectives – Catrien Ross.

  6. Greetings from Malaysia – i just wanted to congratulate you on this excellent blog with a truly fab list of resources. It’s like finding a treasure trove!

    I would like to suggest a great blog by HE Tsem Tulku Rinpoche, who has only just started blogging but writes very insightfully and is already quite prolific! His blog address is http://blog.tsemtulku.com. Do take a look and please add him to your extensive list!


  7. Hello

    Like all good things, this blog too came to my sight just not too late and I am thankful to you for adding the link of my blog to your blog-roll. I am not sure how good your Hindi is but you must have found my blog of some good use, I hope. I am going to browse all your older posts that you have written with great passion. I’ll be looking for insightful resources which I can translate into Hindi for my blog if your copyright policy permits so. Your sidebar too is a treasury of wisdom pages carefully handpicked for benefit of all. You are a wonderful person:)

    • Hi Nishant. I’m very happy to list your blog. It provides good information for people who read in Hindi. Some of my material may be a little bit too controversial for your audience but if some is useful please feel free to translate it and use it as you like.

  8. Love reading about your daily journey in this wonderful life we live…Although we haven’t seen each other for years I am happy for you and your life’s accomplishments…and have really enjoyed your focus and direction on many things when “life” brings us the unexpected….We will keep in touch, and hope to catch up personally one day soon…

  9. Hi I just found your blog, and am enjoying your posts. I’ve just realised that I write Buddhist fiction. It’s not a term I’d even thought of before today, but my search for other books in that category brought me hear by some strange round about route. That’s karma for you.

  10. The article “This is not the emptiness you’re looking for.” is the most beautiful, poignant, and perfect description of how I feel, that I have ever read. Thank you.

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