Coming off the grief ride


for now

when your insides have been shredded you’re extra defensive, extra distant, extra tender

what you allow to touch you, which isn’t a lot, goes deep

when you feel you feel everything

you feel with everything

you go deep and drown in the feelings

but you learn to swim in those depths

learn how to come up for air again


the feeling of breathing

i’m breathing


I’ve been rereading the posts here i did about grief, and a whole lot more writing on it that i haven’t put here and i’m thinking to turn it into a book about grief, grief trauma, what it all means, processing it from a Buddhist & psychological standpoint…starting again. from the ashes. something.

One comment on “Coming off the grief ride

  1. I see you in your grief. Sending metta. Thank you for sharing. It’s not a space I’m in at the moment, but helpful to know that I can return here to some wisdom when it’s needed. Hope your book project brings you, and others, lots of nourishment.

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