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  1. First up thanks for all the posts but I need to speak out on this one. Communism is a failed experiment and we must expand our thinking into the future. Here is a few reasons why it is not in alignment with our Buddha nature in a global sense. First Buddha wants humans to have freedom and forced equality is the antithesis of that. It is easy to sell equality to the suffering and poor however even prisoners can be free and as all living like children of totalitarian states does nothing to develop the human spirit and renders life virtually pointless. Secondly communism is militantly atheistic and has systematically killer countless religious people for no other reason, it also cares nothing for human life as evidenced by the quarter of a billion people it has slaughtered in the last 100 years. 50 million farmers were killed in China alone.
    This is not the compassionate dogma it promotes itself as it is instead a fierce method of social control. Every time a government gives a dollar to some special interest it must first have forcibly taken it from another. Those who wish to redistribute wealth must consider carefully what they are giving up and not base there decisions on this kind of envious revenge rooted in their own economic disappointments. If you have failed to achieve prosperity do not blame the government or system and expect a handout instead calmly continue to follow your hearts true dreaming. This will not enslave others to some regime or other and allows your soul to grow endlessly and without the limits set by the jealousy of others. Capitalism for all the difficulties of life is still an incredibly effective way of bringing prosperity to vast numbers of people and it is based on voluntary exchange this is fundamentally different from a violent revolution etc. Of course I haven’t started to talk about the other pillar of compassion that balances our freedom but that is another issue, for now beware of communist and socialist ideologies there is some powerful forces in the world that would see us all enslaved in the name of an enforced equality.

      • Well I was easily pigeon holed :( Rather than reading Ayn Rand perhaps Ron Paul’s “Liberty defined” would be more helpful.

        • I actually have read some of what comes out of the Ron Paul camp. As well as a fair bit of Rockwell, Rothbard, von Mises and some of their commentators and supporters like Alan Greenspan who provided a lovely essay for Ayn Rand’s collection of essays “Capitalism:The Unknown Ideal”. Good to be familiar with the philosophical underpinnings of one’s own philosophy or that which one seeks to criticize.

          Have you read any of Marx, Engels, Lenin, Mao, Guevara, Trotsky, Luxemburg, Marcuse, Gramsci, Adorno, Hardt, Negri, Benjamin, Zizek, DeBord, Harvey, etc? You seem to know what socialism is all about so no doubt you are well versed with socialist/Marxist philosophy.

          As for “what Buddha wants”…doesn’t the bodhisattva ideal advocate for an equal enlightenment for all…that the bodhisattva is to forstall their own progress (their “accumulation” or “prosperity” to put it in capitalist terms) in favor of those who are not as well developed along the path?

          You wrote:

          “If you have failed to achieve prosperity do not blame the government or system and expect a handout instead calmly continue to follow your hearts true dreaming.”

          This is romanticized tosh. There are very real barriers to participation in the prosperity gospel that Paul and the Tea Party and libertarians in general (including anarcho-capitalists) would have people embrace. There are very real barriers to participating in most things for the ordinary person (and additional ones for those who face various discriminations) in the late-neoliberal economic context. That’s something I think I’ll address at length in future posts rather than get into now.

  2. So I look forward to future posts and thanks for the reading list. To keep it short I’ll comment only that if the Buddha had believed that he could dictate happiness he would have remained a prince but instead he made effort and voluntarily improved himself to the point that he had a great surplus to give freely to the world. He would never have forced enlightenment on another and I think this is key. What would be the ultimate outcome do you think? As far as romanticized tosh I didn’t mean to suggest that everyone will succeed or gain all their desires but that the self improvement that comes with effort improves our souls. This world will never be fair and no authority or regulation will change that, so what is the goal do you think? Anyway I’ll stay tuned for future posts :)

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