Non-Buddhist Forum


There’s a forum for people who have interest in critique of Buddhist/non-Buddhist speculative philosophical matters here non-x discussion.

If you have found the viewpoints on Speculative Non-Buddhism, The Non-Buddhist or Faithful Buddhist blogs interesting maybe you want to join up. You can find links to these in my blogroll on the right.

Also maybe you might want to read Scott Mitchell’s good post on DJB. Criticism.

It’s just starting up so I don’t know what kind of direction it’s going to take. If there are discussions on anti-capitalism and resistance to that kind of conditioning, and the like then I’m there. If it turns into a big philosophy wank-off I won’t be for long. But that’s one of the reasons I’ve signed up early, to give input to that direction and to make space for that kind of discussion. I want to encourage other women to sign up there too as it’s pretty much a sausage fest except for me thus far, from what I surmise from the membership list.

So give it a try if you are so inclined. There won’t be a lot of fluff though so it’s not a place I’d go to look for some palliative to make you comfortably numb.

Is there anybody in there?

Here have a song.