Ibises in V formation, slipstreaming. Birds take turns in the lead. When one tires another takes over.

[photo from the New Scientist article Ibises get fly with a little help from their friends]


I got a call.

One of those calls you never want to get.

Someone very close to me has died.

I wrote about it on my other blog here January 14, 2014

I don’t advertise that blog but I made a small mention of it on Facebook and Twitter


I’m not the sort of person who is used to asking for help or support.

I’m usually the one giving it.

But sometimes,

everything fails.

it all just utterly collapses

That’s where I am.

I just want to say, to those who reached back when I reached out,

thank you for noticing

and for your words, both public and private.

Thank you.

The Ibis-headed Thoth, mythological inventor of writing, mediator between good and evil, measurer and regulator of time, weight measurer and recorder of the hearts of the dead in the underworld.

The keeper of equanimity.


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