There’s a lot of New Years resolutions sorts of posts around. I guess this is mine.

Network more. Burst some bubbles. Challenge everything I think I know for sure. Focus on specific objectives. Kill some distractions. Tolerate even less bullshit. Read more full books and not mostly articles, news and blogs. More theory, way more praxis. Drink the bottle of absinthe I’ve had in the cupboard for ages (but not drink it all at once). Dance flamenco again. Do more drawing. Make a little film of some kind. Maybe start some kind of podcast. Get rid of half my stuff. Make decisions about where I’m moving to when the time comes. Learn whatever language I have to in order to live there. Focus on some stuff. Forget about some other stuff.

Some of the specifics relevant to this site:

I am broadening the scope of this blog to include more psychology, philosophy, and social and political commentary but will continue with writing about Buddhist things as well but I can’t compartmentalize the way I used to nor do I wish to. It’s a false categorical position anyways.

There are over 100 unfinished pieces sitting in the blog queue right now that I want to get on here too so that’s going to be some work with all the new stuff I’m working on here and elsewhere. It will be a good exercise. I’m still doing other stuff on the NellaLou blog. It had occurred to me to amalgamate the two but that one is more about the creative writing (fiction, poetry, etc) and a lot more subjective stuff (as well as the self-indulgent aspect of diary-esque sort of blogging).

I don’t know how it will go. I just know I really really want to write a lot about everything presently. Will just have to let it unfold as it does.

3 comments on “Directions

  1. Love these intentions (flamenco! books!), and sending you good wishes for incorporating them into your “one wild and precious life,” as mary oliver would say. :) My New Year’s intentions definitely include more books and less online distractions, too! Speaking of which… see you later. :)

  2. Excellent, excellent. Your mind sizzles! Whatever you choose to do, NellaLou, it will be the right thing. BUT (I’m known for my but), you are grand, thus, “Challenge everybody who doesn’t know what you know for sure” sounds more like it, to me.

    And, you should get something published in the New York Times this year, just for the monkey-love of it, for the screaming-heck of it, for the flower-blooming knock-over-the-Buddha rebel-bliss of it. Scream, kick and bite, Honey. And then you will have us by your next kind word. We will be yours. We will be a pool of Jello in the sun.

  3. NellaLou: Glad to hear you plan to go on, will even expand your subject, and don’t know how it will go. Looking forward to hearing more from you.

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