Post Imports from Madhushala Blog

For a time I kept another blog, when I got tired of this one, called Madhushala. Quite a few people read those posts and commented on them.

So while I was listening to the stirring revolutionary words of the insurrectionary anarchists who made the film in the last post, which ended with lots of things getting blowed up good to the tunes of Rage Against the Machine, I finished importing all those Madhushala blog posts along with all the comments into this blog. I did not want to lose the continuity or those excellent (in some cases) comments.

Just have a little work to do on tagging/categories etc to get it in line with the format I’m using here but that shouldn’t take long.

All the posts are placed in their original date slots. I never throw anything digital away. Good thing to keep in mind if you ever send me hate email. LOL.

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One comment on “Post Imports from Madhushala Blog

  1. Yipes! You’ve given away the ending to On Modern Servitude. Now, I don’t know if I want to watch the last sure-to-have-been-excruciating-anyway last mind-numbing forty minutes. Would you mind too much, Nella Lou, if I download and watch Mary Poppins, instead? In IT there’s a spoonful of sugar to help the medicine go down.

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