Attention Economy


"This article tries to vulgarise but fails. Too many assertions, too shallow, too generic. I am not sure what it achieves. I certainly not end up being more informed. True, the title is particularly appalling. Worthy of The Sun."

I read this comment on a link I posted on Facebook and I thought, does this person keep a list of generic comments that they can cut and paste into any article just so their name appears? It could fit into nearly any circumstance, doesn’t mention anything specific about the article and it even works as a self-reflexive criticism, that is it can be applied to itself.

Generic commentary. Mindless commentary.

I am noticing a lot more of this type of response as either reading comprehension is in decline or some impetus to comment, even if one has nothing of substance to say takes over. If I were to hashtag this Twitter-style I’d write #attentioneconomy


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