Sisters of Mercy-Gimme Shelter


Someone on YouTube has done a video to go with Sister of Mercy’s cover of the Rolling Stones Gimme Shelter. It’s quite compelling.


There’s more writing coming eventually. I’m just kind of exhausted these days. The usual thing…way too many projects, way too many changes to incorporate and not nearly enough time. I feel like an espresso machine with the hot water being forced through and these little dribs and drabs of coffee spewing out at random intervals. If I believed in a big barista in the sky I’d as them to ease up somewhat.Coffee cup

I am drinking tea (with milk and cardamom) as I write this so I don’t think a big sky barista can handle that, it’s slowly warmed til boiling (twice) not pressurized. Popular caffeine drinks can encompass world views as much as anything else. That’s The Anthropology of Caffeine Preferences in brief.Coffee cup

Cheers.Coffee cup

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