RSA has got a fairly new video out on the topic of Outrospection.

Outrospection is all about empathy.


3 comments on “Outrospection

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  2. Very nice. Thanks, NellaLou. Justin Whitaker linked to this post and snagged the RSA viddie over at his blog — whoops, which I now see shows up as your pingback. I prefer the message of the viddie to Justin’s msg since I do believe [in theory more so than in my inept practice] that the effort must not be one of being as good to others as one is to oneself — rather it is getting OUT of yourself and immersing yourself in others.

    • Yes I think so too. One has to get out of one’s own way sometimes.

      Thanks for commenting too. I haven’t seen you around much and it’s good to know you are still OK–at least OK enough to comment. ;-)

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