SOS New York Buddhists

Do you know how painful it is to freeze your body parts?

Can you imagine how awful it would be to die of cold within sight of one of the most populous and wealthy cities in the world?

I’m not going to paint any more of a picture than that.

The company AirBnB which is a listing service for accommodation is letting people put ads for Hurricane Sandy victims accommodation Rooms for Sandy victims If you’ve got a room why not list it?

A group of hacker volunteers are trying to get internet access out to the victims by setting up an ad hoc mesh net. But there are many who are going out on a regular basis and bringing news to the people.

The temperatures are dropping rapidly and many people are in danger of losing their lives by freezing to death.

If you belong to a Buddhist group that has some retreat accommodations please consider opening them up to shelter people. Join with other groups if it is to onerous to do it by yourself. You can also go to St. Jacobi’s church and coordinate with Occupy volunteers. Go to the Occupy Sandy website to get contact numbers. Let them help you plan.

C’mon people.

Work those phones.

Get off your cushion.

Maybe save some lives.

It’s getting real fucking cold out there.

By NellaLou

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