Let’s Just Make Sh*t Up To Forward a Buddhist Scented Agenda

I came across this photo just now.


It was Photoshopped by one Domo Geshe Rinpoche, [aka Marjorie Wangchuk, aka Tara Wangchuk,
aka Marjorie Tara Dadak (Marjorie Quinn)] . If you try to find an impartial biography or even an account of where she allegedly trained to become a Buddhist teacher, you will strike a large empty information space. Apparently she dreamed she was a reincarnation and has a lot of people believing it. Has someone from the Gelukpa school actually condoned this? Well no. There are some questions…Here, here-competing claims, and of course there is the actual authorized person Domo Geshe Rinpoche sanctioned by HH Dalai Lama. Let’s not let facts get in the way of The Mission, hmmm..

From the Facebook page of the officially recognized person with this title:

We Tibetans will never recognize any other fake reincarnation of the previous Dromo Geshe Rinpoche which is against His Holiness the Dalai Lama and six million Tibetans.
We request all concerned authorities, organizations and individuals to be alert and not to fall in the net of false claims

I don’t really want to get into that whole situation. I realize I’ve already ignited the troll attracting incense just by mentioning it. 

This American person, and this fake photo, are indicative of a trend I can only call:

Let’s Just Make Shit Up To Forward a Buddhist Scented Agenda or ends justify means, etc. etc.

Having gone into this more times than I want to count and am pretty tired of it and also busy with other things…but it merits a mention again if nothing else.

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  1. Interesting… Thanks for sharing this (trolls be damned). Add her to our not-yet-created grand list of questionable and disputed teachers in Buddhism :) I suppose right now Buddhism smells good and perhaps smells like easy money or easy fame to a few unfortunate folks here and there. Hopefully her students mature and move on before anyone gets hurt.

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  3. How did she get granted a Geshe. I thought that normally takes 15 -20 years of traditional Tibetan Buddhist teachings and is often compared to a western doctorate. And Rinpoche, has she met or even spoke to the Dalai Lama, or any senior Lama?
    I ask these questions because as someone that is new to Tibetan Buddhism, or Buddhism period, I get turned off by people that try to promote themselves inappropriately in order to become popular or to maintain income. I have read her website that argues that she lives a modest lifestyle, but none the less her lifestyle is supported by misleading the public. I don’t see why she couldn’t just consider herself as someone that is very knowledgeable in Buddhism and gain her credibility the old fashion way….

  4. You underestimate her social-media-savvy. As a former student of hers, I can say she understands the irony – this photo made the rounds for awhile with people adding whatever message they wanted. She just jumped on the bandwagon.

    To Don’s questions, the “geshe” in her name is just part of the name Domo Geshe. She believes she is the latest reincarnation of the Domo Geshe lineage. Early in her teaching career she actively sought an appointment with the Dalai Lama, but was rebuffed. There have been several opportunities since. We can only imagine the fact that he recognized another boy, and his lack of interest in meeting with her, indicates his position on her authenticity.

    In terms of why she uses that name, you like many others seem to assume she is deliberately deceiving people for money or fame or power. This isn’t true, however. She clearly believes this is who she is, so the truth is more sad – there appears to be a personality disorder. The closest example would be people who believe they are Jesus. She has made fantastic claims that no authentic teacher would – i.e. she is a mahasiddha, the Guru of gurus, the reincarnation of seminal enlightened figures of Tibetan history. It’s incredible that her students accept these proclamations, since that no one is saying this other than her.

    • I agree, If you look on youtube. She posted some video postings where she/ “he” (I say that because in the video she wants us to believe she is taking a trip to target for the first time as “Domo Geshe Rinpoche” in her new female body. In the video, she goes on amazed at how she can blend in at a rural american mall without being stared at for being stared at because in her “former body” she probably would have gotten stared at.. HUH? Then she goes on and out loud reminds herself that she no longer has to slouch like old asian men do , that she should stand tall because she is now an American, then chuckles (chuckles in the background as well). Its bad. Theres other videos where she is really insulting because she talks to her followers in what she believes to be an “Asian” accent. I say this because I am part Asian and was made fun of when I was young for not speaking english well, and hearing her talk like that reminded me of how kids made fun of me. She spoke like she had no grammar at all. Down right rude. Its the video posting were she speaks to her students about “Wrathfuls”. I found her silly at first, but then I realized she actually has people that think she is legitimate. This is so sad. I pray that her “students” wake up and do some independent research on her before investing so much of their precious time.

    • Not to beat a dead horse but I really hope you take a moment to look a the YouTube video, specifically the one title “on the road with Domo Geshe Rinpoche” In it is shows how she walks around in Target and has a discussion about how happy she is in her “new” body because its an “American” because she claims in her “former self” she was not comfortable in her skin. I think right there speaks volumes to her mentality towards race. She is not Asian, and has been a white woman since she was born, and to say on camera that shes so glad she can blend in now in her “new body” because its “an american” and post it on youtube is a disrespect to the former Domo Geshe Rinpoche and to Asians in general. We are not ashamed of our skin, and although I never met the former Rinpoche I am pretty sure he was not ashamed of his skin either!

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