re-Occupying the Cabaret-short version

[a longer version of this post will appear on SBC]

I wanted to make a decision about an old blog site. Then I ran across something that reminded me of why I began it in the first place.

Bill Schwarz recently wrote:

When we shut up online, as Buddhists, in the context of people talking about Buddhism on the internet, we do more harm than we do in speaking about our respective practices. In the dharma center, the norm of minding your own business in this regard is perhaps a good idea. I am of the opinion that it is a bad idea for Buddhism online. I believe that we need to occupy this space, instead of conceding it to those who are here for commercial interests.

He had a little more to say than that. But it sparked or re-sparked a few ideas.


Over the past month or so I’ve been considering re-starting my old blog Smiling Buddha Cabaret. I stopped writing there almost a year ago for a bunch of reasons. Then I started this blog and the political one called Memeo. Now I want to keep this one for more personal and mostly non-Buddhist related stuff and that political one going since they provide a certain focus for topics that I have interest in.

On this one there have been a couple of posts that would have been better on the SBC site. More along the lines of the theme there.

A thing that has been kind of mystifying me is that people keep subscribing to that old blog even though there hasn’t been a post there in many months. As well the readership of it is currently higher than this one and my political one combined, again even though I don’t write anything there. That’s kind of odd.image

It’s just sitting there. Rather derelict. Not even squatters have moved in. That’s a bit of a thorn. A perfectly usable space going to waste, passersby looking for something to happen there, the owner an absentee landlord just letting it fall to ruin. OK, it’s my social responsibility to do something with it. Otherwise I might get some protesters outside. Better to keep them inside, in the comments section where I can keep an eye on them.  {image:Salvador Dali-Cabaret Scene}

It just so happens I also have a bunch of posts in the queue that seem to fit better there than here and I really do want to finish them. And since I’ve renewed my interest in performance and slam poetry I just might put some of that on YouTube and stick it there as well.

So tighten up your corset and put your fishnet stockings back on because the Cabaret is opening soon.


5 comments on “re-Occupying the Cabaret-short version

  1. Yay!!!

    People keep subscribing to SBC because you wrote some important, insightful stuff there. We want more.

    (And, of course, I can understand why you’d hesitate. Blogging about Buddhism is exhausting and frustrating. I think—hope—that it’s worth it.)

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