Traffic jams and the tea house at the end of the road

Sunday, November 20, 2011



Ran into a bit of a traffic jam on our excursion yesterday just outside of Uttarkashi. It’s the time to bring the herd animals down from the high altitude meadows to the low lying fields to graze.


We drove to the end of the road and bought some local white beans (5kgs). Our friend, in the blue sweater starts his journey to his village from this roadhead. He crosses this bridge then climbs 7kms to get home. We were dropping him off there.

The buildings on the far side of the bridge are the last tea and provision shops before one has to either walk or go by mule into the mountains.

The villagers bring sacks of agricultural produce down on mules. Lots of people go down and up again in a day.

This is also the start of the main trekking route to the lake called Dodital, which is reputed to be the birthplace of the god Ganesh.

We sat by the river that flows below this bridge, the Asi Ganga which is a small tributary of the Bagirathi which is the main source of the Ganga, and broke open and ate rich black walnuts that we had brought with us. Nice day all around.


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