Consumer Culture Critique Collection-Buy It Now!

Critiques of consumer culture are a dime a dozen. You can get 3 dozen for a quarter so better stock up now. You can frame them in oversized faux wrought iron frames and put them on custom designed hand carved wooden critique holders. These accompany a lovely set of stools which are height optimized for your critique viewing enjoyment. For the stools you can get a selection of cushions and woven cushion covers as well. The stools have comfort accessories such as foot rests and arm rests. They match the new critique viewing stool individual carpets to place underneath the stools. Since the carpets are made of silk you might also want to get the carpet cleaning kit along with the cushion upholstery cleaning kit, the wrought iron frame cleaning kit and the stool’s wood polishing kit. Since you will want to optimize your viewing pleasure a set of 4 matching lamps can be placed around the room. These come with a variety of shades and custom light bulbs designed specifically for these lamps. Replacement bulbs are 30% off if you buy them by the crate. There is a lamp cleaning kit available as well. On those there is a 2 for 1 special. And there are suitable lamp tables to help complete the ensemble.  Cleaning supply storage units which match the stools will be sold at a discount if you bundle 10 or more products. Labels for the storage units are extra as is the label maker.  And maybe build an extension on your house to keep this all in. There are customized room interiors available as well. If you purchase the entire Consumer Culture Critique Collection (7,221 individual pieces) a mortgage refinancing deal is available in order for you to buy a bigger house.

We don’t even consume. That means to use stuff up. We collect and we hoard. Mentality of scarcity in the wealthiest places on earth.

Driven by fear of what might happen if our stuff is taken away.

George Carlin-Stuff

Printed copies of this post are available from the author for the low low price of $14.95 plus shipping and handling, duty, convenience fee, recycling fee and miscellaneous charges fee. Total will be billed. No refunds available. Late payment charges may also apply.  Framing is extra.


5 comments on “Consumer Culture Critique Collection-Buy It Now!

  1. I once joked to a gf that I’d like to make “simplicity kits” to sell to rich [stupid] people – “simplicity in a box” (filled with cheap zen stuff). She thought I was serious and could get rich on it. I think she was right, I just wish I’d listened to her…

  2. I ain’t payin’ $14.95 for this thing.. I’ll just wait until a knock-off shows up down to the Wal-Mart..

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