What Does it Mean to be You?

Philosophy is starting to catch up with Anatta. He even talks about that. But then in the interview portion he mischaracterizes it somewhat. Then he gets corrected by the interviewer. Interesting exchange though.

Don’t agree with some of his statements about Buddhist objectives. Oddly they are similar to what a few Buddhist teachers have said, which I also don’t agree with. Dissolution of or killing the ego is not possible. The sooner that notion is put to rest the better.



The topic of personal identity is strictly speaking nonexistent. It’s important to recognize that we are not the kind of things that simply popped into existence at birth, continue to exist, the same thing, then die off the cliff edge or go into another realm. We are these very remarkably ordered collections of things. It is because we’re so ordered that we are able to think of ourselves as being singular persons. But there is no singular person there, that means we’re forever changing.” ~ Julian Baggini


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