Drawing P.Z. Myers Day

According to P. Z. Myers, eminent biologist, professor, author and atheist, the anniversary of Draw Mohammed Day, that spectacle of petulance, [“I can draw what I want!” (stamps foot)] which blossomed last year into racist diatribes and ethnocentric posturing, is upon us. See the video on his post for more along the lines of “We the mighty enlightened have come to bring you reason…”

That petulant spirit is definitely contagious.

Being the pinko-Buddhist lost in delusions of progressive serenity that I am, it is not possible for me to participate in the event as advertised.

But since Dr. Myers is such a supporter of the arts I have decided to substitute him for the figure of the prophet Mohammed. Seems some of his followers revere him in a similar fashion. Read some of the comments on his blog.

Though I will mention, in all fairness,  that on the post in question there are also many sensible and rational folks who take some issue with his advertisement of this particular event for reasons that are similar to mine. Dr. Myers himself is often sensible and rational, that’s why I read his blog. But like every human he has these other moments…

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There will also be cake served in the atrium.