Blogging continues elsewhere

For those who have subscribed (thanks) I am now blogging elsewhere. If you are still interested…

Related to Buddhism, Religion, etc Madhushala

Related to Politics, Socio-cultural Criticism, Resistance Culture, etc. Memeo

This blog will stay & I’ll leave the comments open too just in case someone stumbles in  & has something to say about it.

4 comments on “Blogging continues elsewhere

  1. Hi….I’ve started a new blog for women practicing Buddhism. It is: Please check it out and if you
    would add it to your links it would be very much appreciated.

    Thanks – Kai

    • It’s rather bad form to come on someone’s blog only to advertise your own and ask to be linked as well. If you had bothered to notice, this post you are commenting on states this blog is no longer functioning and if you had even bothered to look you’d also have noticed that there is no link list on this blog.

      In other words your comment amounts to spam. And not only for your advertised blog but also for the link to some restaurant in your name.

      I don’t know who’s giving you social media or SEO advice but get your money back and stop this practice before you piss any more people off.

  2. HI,

    Can you please take my comment under Ajahn Brahm out.. it was posted in August of 2011. Much appreciate it.. thanks!


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