Buddhism everywhere…NOT

Tricycle has another one of those rubbishy posts that tries to tie anything and everything in popular culture to Buddhism. Here: Is Radiohead’s “Lotus Flower” a Buddhist lotus flower?

It’s full of maybe Thom Yorke knows about Buddhism. Perhaps Lotus refers to Lotus Sutra. Lyrics say something about an empty heart as if only Buddhists feel that. Ecstatic dancing in the video is related…by a real stretch of imagination to some kind of Buddhist ecstasy…try some real E and maybe the origin of such dances would be a little more clear. Never been to a rave?

And apparently there is so much Buddhist flotsam in the air that it is permeating any and everything. It’s in the eye of the beholder man. There’s about 5.8 billion people who don’t have a clue what Buddhism is. And don’t care.

Now the writer doesn’t know Thom Yorke apparently and is but a fan. It’s just such a pitiful bit of wishful thinking and hero worship. Like all these kinds of articles that want some pseudo-Buddhism limelight connection to rub off.

It’s all about self validation. ooooohhhhhh Thom Yorke maybe wrote about Buddhism in a kind of underhanded way and I’m a Buddhist therefore Buddhism is cool and by extension so am I !  Whoohooo!

And when you have bullshit lines like “cool stuff like mystic truths” and “you can really get people to dig you” then it isn’t hard to tell what’s really at work here.

It’s desperate and lame. Like all those Groundhog Day/Dudism/Lady Gaga as Bodhisattva etc etc etc etc etc

Extra bits

It always seems that it’s stuff we like that gets analyzed in this particular fashion. You know…nice stuff. Would like to see articles in Trike such as:

The Subtle Zen of Dick Cheney

Meditating with the Pesticide Users of the World

Mindful Blood Sausage Making

Toe Fungus as a Body Meditation

The  Glorious Karma of Big Oil

Weird Al as Spiritual Mentor

Charlie Sheen’s Show Biz Kensho

The Buddhist Poetry of 80’s Hair Bands (with particular focus on Cinderella)

My Dog’s Breath is the Breath of the Buddha

The Prajna of the Grammarians

Painting Portraits of Buddhist’s Noses (make this one as a companion to a PBS special)

Ekayana Etch-a-Sketch Practice

What? Can’t make the connection? Why not?



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