Buddhist Blogs Discuss Egypt

A number of well known Buddhist bloggers have taken note of the situation in Egypt and weighed in with excellent commentary and analysis.

From Finland Petteri has  Today I am Egyptian breaks down the situation with a thorough article

Mumon notes in The Current Situation…and a Few Comments about Stuff I’ve seen on the ‘net provides some thoughtful points about the media

From Notes From a Burning House, Algernon D’Ammassa writes the post Tumble the Pharoah points us to an artist in Cairo making revolutionary art

Nathan from Dangerous Harvests has the post Middle East Awakenings asks some important questions

A few Buddhists on Twitter have joined in the amplification effort to counter some of the mainstream media’s Islamophobia as well. This includes retweeting factual information, blogging on what is going on, publically questioning that which is questionable on Twitter or in comments or wherever it occurs, searching for information/analysis/photos/videos/etc and posting, verifying sources,  tagging relevant material with the #Jan25 and #Egypt tags and similar efforts.

I’ll add to this post if any more come up.


The Islamist Menace by Petteri discusses common misconceptions around groups like the Muslim Brotherhood and outlining some of the political nuances

Watching, Watching Egypt James Ford is also watching Egypt

Standing with Egypt is by Nate DeMontigny on Precious Metal blog

The Crackdown is a further comment on up to the minute events in Egypt by Petteri

I’ve written a post on the role of poetic slogans as they are used to rally morale in revolutionary situations Poetry as an Instrument of Revolution to provide some cultural background and points of commonality between the Egyptian situation and those of us outside

Zen priest Trevor Maloney has written Cheering for Egypt with some great photos

Again Petteri has a good post on the topic of narrative Revolution and the Need for a Narrative

As well recently, with reports of the arrest, detention and release of the blogger who calls himself Sandmonkey, whose blog account was suspended effectively silencing  him, which I reported here Sandmonkey’s blog post , numerous people in the Buddhist online community have reposted his last blogpost before the arrest. Zen Buddhist teachers James Ford or Providence Rhode Island and Jay Rinsen Weik of Toledo Ohio as well as community member Petteri from Helsinki Finland have reposted that last blogpost as a gesture of solidarity. Others have also posted it  to facebook and forums.

On American Buddhist Perspective, Justin Whitaker shares his thoughts in the post In the face of fear: Buddhism, Burma, Egypt, politics, and the modern world

2 comments on “Buddhist Blogs Discuss Egypt

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  2. May internal and external kindness and goodwill increase and prevail in Egypt and throughout the known and unknown worlds.

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