People Have the Power

Why resist? Why protest? Why react to oppression? Why fight losing battles against seemingly unbeatable odds? 

Patti Smith says it succinctly

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& hundreds of thousands of others.

When the US gov’t threatened to investigate all followers of Wikileaks, over 2,000 people unfollowed out of fear but over 14,000 joined in solidarity. There are now 689,240 followers with more coming on every day.

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We are all Khaled Said, Al Jazeera English, Wikileaks (with 1,567,136 in the group), Support The Monks’ Protest In Burma

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Free Egypt

Al Jazeera English

Associated Press

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RT @ludicrous09 40m band, 7.050-7.20­0 MHz LSB, 318.5 degrees (northwest­/north from Cairo) Ham Radio Operators #jan25 #jan26

On the Web


Open letter from Anonymous to the UK gov’t.

Tor anonymous communications

Electronic Frontier Foundation 

Al Jazeera Transparency website:

Liberation Technology at Stanford U.

Syria: Internet Users Race to Support Egyptian Protesters

Global Voices  people remove passwords from their routers so protesters can have Internet connection in the streets as police descent on them to allow the world to witness

A Guide For Bloggers and Cyber Dissidents:


Non-technological Alternatives

General Strikes or as they are called in India Bandhs  or Hartels are organized labor and/or business movements which bring commerce to a halt as a form of protest and social disruption particularly of government operations.

General Strike 



Additional related social action techniques:

Gherao which is something like a sit in

Civil disobedience

Satyagraha is the Gandhian form of civil disobedience

Culture jamming


The People Have the Power

Why resist?  It’s better than the alternative.


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