Al Jazeera English – Live Streams – Watch Now – Al Jazeera English

Al Jazeera English – Live Streams – Watch Now – Al Jazeera English.

Watch the events unfold in Egypt as they happen.

My Tweets for the past 24 hours are for students in Bangladesh, India, Pakistan and elsewhere who don’t have Internet access at home and have Twitter, Facebook etc. blocked at school which is the usual case. Can read them on this and other blogs and on Google when they’re indexed. Have setup many Google alerts for hot topics to accelerate the indexing process.

Google searches to circumvent Twitter blockages-full tweets are in Cached



You can search for specific Twitter streams on Google with the search syntax by replacing name with the twitter user


If Google is blocked other search engines also have advanced options that can be used in a similar way.

Also the word Pharaoh is being substituted for Egypt to get some results where Egypt is specifically blocked. One might also want to try some of the other key words such as:
AJE (for Al Jazeera English)
Muslim Brotherhood
April6 (a youth movement)
#jeddahrain #jeddah (on events in Saudi Arabia)
#IranElection #tunis #tehran #sog #tunisia #farsinews and similar for events elsewhere

use the unique words/names from your search results to get further results

use synonyms such as uprising, riot, street battle, march, rally, campaign, dispute, incursion, overthrow, demand, trouble, conflict for the word protest if that word is blocked

also try other languages for example Egypt in Afrikaans is Egipte, मिस्र (Misra) is Hindi then translate results in an online translator

and many of the terms/names mentioned in my previous post have information

Crowd sourced translations is another thing starting up. Read Spotlight on Social Media, Crowdsourced Translation, Egyptian Protests and Diplomacy If you speak one of the languages translate a few of the tweets or articles into Arabic/English or any other language to get the information out there further.


I have heard that some people are getting occasional email via blackberry in some parts of Egypt but no other Internet. [on CNN about 30 mins ago] At one time one used to be able to fetch web pages & ftp files via email. Useful old info distribution practices against censorship of the web or certain sites or if server software failed one could get directory access. See section on RemoteFTP or FTPmail.

I recall sending out email to get the listings of Gopher directories and then requesting documents from them-yeah way back. But web pages too-at least the text. You had to know a few commands and the server address and that was it. Real simple effective tech. We need to start thinking about building in this kind of multi-functionality again. [Maybe we need to start making acoustic coupling devices again too. OK maybe not.]

I’ve read that BBS systems are being set up in Egypt while the internet is out so information can be exchanged locally or in case, even when it does come back, it is pulled again. A modem is required and some knowledge of dialler programs also.

I’ve also read that the Saudi Arabian government is relieving people of their satellite phones at present and that a number of people, mainly women have been taken into custody for pro-Egypt solidarity actions. The king there made a strong statement of support for Mubarak so we can get a sense of what the climate is like there as well.

Here’s an interactive satellite map of where protests are taking place in Cairo from the New York Times

Why post this on a “Buddhist” blog?

If a government or an institution is going to censor chances are they will censor social media, political blogs, news organization first. The list of those is very long. By the time they get around to looking at Buddhist blogs or such things, if they bother to look at them at all, information has already been copied and disseminated. Not that this blog has any kind of status at all or much specific information on these topics (there’s just too much out there right now)but a break in an information dam starts with a few drops and then a trickle. I can’t possibly pass on all that information but I can help by outlining a few alternative ways to get it for ordinary people. Hackers will find their own ways (and are doing that) and there’s nothing I can tell them they don’t already know.  And I know I have a few readers from each of Egypt, Syria, Lebanon, Algeria, Libya, China, Pakistan, Iraq, Saudi Arabia, Iran, UAE, Kuwait and elsewhere.

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  1. This could turn out to be a truly world-changing moment. On the one hand, I’m all for any power to the people movement. On the other, I worry about power slipping from there into the hands of religious zealots…

    • That is always a possibility anywhere (even in the U.S.). Egypt though is one of the more secular states in the area with much access to information from the outside as well as a younger population. People there are used to being able to travel and have a certain amount of ability to choose their individual lifestyles (though not in terms of gov’t clearly as leaked cables show) And as Egypt is the 3rd biggest recipient of foreign aid in the region, a religious takeover would cut that off and foment even more serious situations. Much of the discontent is also due to economic conditions. The religious groups offer no solution to that. That’s why the Muslim Brotherhood won’t take a leadership role here either. Even many of the conservative (not fundamentalist-there’s a difference) leaders are with the people in calling for change. I’m listening to an interview right now with the head of the conservative television station and other media who called Mubarak a dictator of a police state and is calling for free elections based on the will of the people. As long as the people remain together with that as their goal it will remain a popular rather than a religious/political revolution.

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