Buddhism and Film Mini-course

The uber-inimitable (need a bigger adjective this time) Rev. Danny Fisher has done it again. In my last post I reported on his Religion and Film mini-course.

Now he’s come up with a new mini-course on Twitter about Buddhism and Film #buddhismfilmminicourse 

Read the material provided, watch the vid clip and apply what you read to it…that’s what I’m doing at least.

For those who aren’t on Twitter here are the lessons:

1a. "Suffering." Read http://bit.ly/2ffMwY and http://bit.ly/bNQgM by @DalaiLama

1b. "Suffering." Watch http://youtu.be/la0aP_UPKWg

2a. "Impermanence." Read http://bit.ly/lLcFS and http://bit.ly/fV7uPu

2b. "Impermanence." Watch http://youtu.be/Lc4y-asVh3c

3a. "No-Self." Read http://bit.ly/a13JoA , http://bit.ly/h4DU9E , http://bit.ly/epCEX4 , and http://bit.ly/eJNy8q

3b. "No-Self." Watch http://youtu.be/s9F0bwZXdeY

4a. "Karma." Read http://bit.ly/gs1l1u , http://bit.ly/g88gVE , http://to.pbs.org/fKOAAt , and http://bit.ly/9idoFu

4b. "Karma." Watch http://youtu.be/Nld4DcRHME0

5a. "Samsara." Read http://bit.ly/dSzNse , http://bit.ly/g4T3fa , and http://bit.ly/hiuA0x

5b. "Samsara." Watch http://youtu.be/jVam1qOmlEo

6a. "Dependent Origination." Read http://bit.ly/9mZWtk , http://bit.ly/dTi1gH , and http://bit.ly/hspT4j

6b. "Dependent Origination." Watch http://youtu.be/Rq9eM4ZXRgs

7. "Morality." Read http://bit.ly/g2iAdC and watch http://youtu.be/qxs4P6u1EiI 

7. "Ethical Conduct." Read http://bit.ly/euF38G and http://bit.ly/g2iAdC and watch http://youtu.be/qxs4P6u1EiI (The good Rev. has his own numbering system. It requires special empowerments to completely understand)

8. "Mental Discipline." Read http://bit.ly/e0nMMp and http://bit.ly/hkltg8 and watch http://youtu.be/8OnsVDKjhpc

9. "Wisdom." Read http://bit.ly/e2RtHU and http://bit.ly/h7YzPJ and watch http://youtu.be/baix4m_pYhs

10a. "Emptiness." Read http://bit.ly/eMapFw , http://bit.ly/eoXXyc , http://bit.ly/gkyFuT , and http://bit.ly/h6NwTP

10b. "Emptiness." Watch http://youtu.be/6k-N6ri95Xs

11a. "Compassion." http://bit.ly/f9sh9N , http://bit.ly/gcNjPG , http://bit.ly/fFC851 and http://bit.ly/htJuYQ

11b. "Compassion." Watch http://youtu.be/bpgrOgypc9g

12a. "Buddha-nature." Read http://j.mp/g4qrwY by @ponlop , http://j.mp/hzrOAD , and http://j.mp/idp49N

12b. "Buddha-nature." Watch http://bit.ly/i7QIT4

13a. "Tantra." Read http://bit.ly/KP4fY , http://j.mp/iaETkt , http://j.mp/hE5gcE , and http://j.mp/dTrXvC

13b. "Tantra." Watch http://bit.ly/b6YRbf

14a. "Nirvana." Read http://j.mp/eGk5Ce , http://j.mp/eE6gpx , and http://j.mp/hLKdq0 by @ponlop

14b. "Nirvana." Watch http://bit.ly/jpfXm

15. "Buddhism and Film." Visit http://www.buddhistfilmfoundation.org and watch http://j.mp/eTJYjZ

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5 comments on “Buddhism and Film Mini-course

  1. Two number sevens. Sheesh. Sounds like an order at my local take-out place. That’s what I get for doing this one at several intervals throughout the day instead of one sitting.

    Thank you so, so much for putting this all together here, Marnie–you’re the best.

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  3. Oh, wait…you know what the problem is there. “Morality” was cut. I re-did it as “Ethical Conduct.” They’re the same entry, with “Ethical Conduct” having new title/readings. My bad!

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