Geeki Sawaki-a profile

Described as…

“The forgotten genius who discovered black holes nearly 200 years before everybody else”

“a photo school dropout’s dream come true”

“that #Zenmastery don’t wash off. “

“You know your in a Zen family when your 2 year old says #egoFAIL”

“Anonymous hactivist”

“The only way to wake up”

“Crocheted Bull”

“hairy, ghostly roommate”

“the Person You’d Least Like to Imagine Sleeping with Natalie Portman”

“clever enough to understand astrophysics “

“makes my work day simultaneously more epic and more depressing. Also tense.”

“gorgeous, not quite available”

“I’ll be going to sleep hearing a bloody synthesized voice rattling around my head. Thanks”

Some of his more well known quotes…

"DNS organizes domains in subordinate levels (subdomains) of the DNS root domain, which is nameless."

“I am wearing new socks and it feels great”

“You too can build your own precarious looking, moon-gazing telescope out of SLR lens extenders!”

“I paid a woman to be my friend at a Tokyo Maid Café”

“On Eureka, the true meaning of Christmas is holographic reindeer and magical physicists”

“Until the age of 10 I believed #Pokemon actually existed. And was convinced my dog was one”

“Your expectations about the world change what you see in it – literally”

“Is it raining out? If looking out the window is too much trouble, you may soon be able to ask your toothpaste”

“And with the ability to create huge rainbows whenever we want them, modern technology has reached its conclusion “

“In Japan, this is where the hardcore geeks go to dance “

“Falling in love with gods is twice as dangerous”

“I’m not a Zen master, i just don’t want to work at Mcdonalds when i am older. Oh, wait…”

“neuroscientists go beyond blueberries and crossword puzzles”

“Ladies marry an archaeologist because the older you get, the more interest he’ll show in you.”

“There is a Zen God, at least in Europe.”

“A head full of monkeys with psychosis=evil”

“Who needs a condom when you have a ‘system.codedom’!”

“I spoke about black holes, light, sound, solar systems, exoplanets, light years, the big bang and evolution theories and lots more! :) “

“I’m not as delusional as I thought at least.”

His most renowned koans…

“Which British show will be the next one to get Doctor Who-style popularity in the U.S.?”

“Why did NASA create a material ten times blacker than the blackest black paint? WHY?”

“Are "The Daily Show" and "Colbert Report" coming back to Hulu? “

“How Secure Is My Password? “

“Can beer-based unobtainium be far off?”

“What’s the worst that can happen when you visit your parents? “

“What is the Twitter stream good for?

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