All Consuming Anger

…What are they mad about, exactly? They have no idea. What do they want to do to change it? No clue. From whence does their timorous fear and dread come? They can’t quite say. Perfect.

This is aimless, abortive outrage in its purest form, just infantile rage aimed straight into the Void, like a baby that has every comfort and hug and blankie imaginable but still screams like a banshee, wailing and squirming at the sheer terror of … well, of merely existing. Of being alive. Inhaling and exhaling, over and over again, trying to make sense of it all, somehow, even just a tiny little bit, in a glorious neverending tinkling hellride of pure existential terror, until you die.

from I am outraged! Are you not outraged? By Mark Morford, SF Gate Columnist

That kind of hyperbole is always good for a laugh. Even though he is describing some attributes of current American culture, especially regarding the Tea Party, the tone is certainly wafting about in a lot of other places as well.

Everyone is all angered up with nowhere to go.

And grabbing a piece of the anger pie

Anger as a new kind of commodity fetish. Not a spiritual materialism but an emotional consumerism. And the object, in a peculiar circular fashion seems to be consumer goods themselves.

I was both amused and dismayed to look at some recent petitions and requests.

Slap A QR Code On That Product So That People Can Like It– by coding everything within our sensory experience it can be commodified in that particular facebooky way by the ubiquitous “Like”

Save the Sunchips Bag-greenwashing consumerism.

Allow Access for Overseas Idoling!!! Fans-is there anything more important on the geopolitical front than who wins American Idol?

But what else can we spend our manufactured anger on?


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