Lacrimosa or Music for a Saturday Night Pity Party

Saturday Night at home. Watcha gonna do. If you’re in the mood for a pity party I’ve got exactly what you need. Lacrimosa means tearful in Italian.

Requiem Mass in D minor K.626 Lacrimosa
Vienna Philharmonic conducted by Karl Böhm

Sarah Brightman – Fleurs Du Mal

Can’t get properly weepy without reference to Baudelaire

And here is the band Lacrimosa doing Der Morgen Danach (The Morning After) A German and a Finn make up the duo=a very good combination for brooding and general emo stuff.


[European broodiness is something I enjoy very much if you haven’t guessed]

Now if that’s too much to take you can make a visit to a tablao and enjoy A Saturday Night Flamenco Interlude

And in case some dancing is necessary here cause you’re weeping in your soy milk at this point, you may view me making some eccentric moves when you click on the picture below.

Saturday nights are a world of their own sometimes.

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  1. Impressed with your Sarah Brightman clip. So many candles bravely gave their lives….

    I can never have a pity party without this one, myself:

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