Doesn’t Make It True…

If a celebrity said it

If it is a tradition

If a lot of people agree

If your mom told you

If it appeals emotionally

If you want to believe it

If it’s read in a fortune cookie

If it’s written

If a teacher said it

If it makes a lot of money

If it’s the popular view

If it comes from a divine source

If it’s a habit

If it has an elegant explanation

If an expert has written papers about it

If it’s science

If it’s in your horoscope

If it’s common knowledge

If it’s bought and paid for

If it’s inherited in the will

If it’s on the Internet

If it’s enacted into law

If it’s offered with tears

If it’s headline news

If it’s sung in a song

If it’s the words of the wise

If it’s seen in a crystal ball

If it’s on a best seller list

If it’s in your genes

If it’s the party’s platform

If it’s gently handed out

If it’s shouted with conviction

If it smells good

If it’s taken a lot of time

If it’s got some fancy labels

If it impresses everyone

If it’s cost a life

If it’s analyzed well

If it’s well connected

If it’s someone’s last words

If it’s lamented over

If it’s rejoiced over

If it’s new

If it’s surrounded by facts

If it’s elusive

If it’s praised as a virtue

Truth is a refuge few want to seek. Or speak.

"Honesty is praised, then left to shiver" [Juvenal Satires]

Musical Accompaniment

Instant Karma-John Lennon

By NellaLou

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