Sometimes I find Buddhist emoticons _/|\_ rather superfluous and ornamental.

Then again emoticons of any sort are kind of irritating since they are so often over used or misused. I wish there was an emoticon for a pair of scissors for all the times I’ve gotten this one :-P I find it to be particularly unpleasant.

It says to me “Disregard anything I just said. What I really mean is I can’t be bothered to take you seriously.”

Emoticons originally were to convey the tone of the writing, an effort to fill in for the lack of visual cues. Now they are mostly sarcastic and there seems to be more attention paid to the tone than to the words themselves.

Now that I’ve reread what I just wrote there is only one response I can come up with.


[Thanks to the post on Come to Think of It which prompted this blog emission]


Prince-Endorphin Machine

[Yeah I think Prince is absolutely genius-not that what I think matters to the music consuming public]

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  1. I’m almost positive that I invented _/|\_ in the Yahoo Buddhist chatroom back in 1998… sorry (I think). Tripitaka (^__^) (I didn’t invent that one)

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