Crap Detection 101 & Other Things


The very smart and creative Howard Rheingold gives some crucial lessons about Internet information. How to ask the necessary questions regarding the credibility of information we encounter and what those questions might be.  The consumer must become a critic and analyst  and question what is being offered. This is a skill useful in every realm.  Including in the “spiritual marketplace”.  I have to say I’ve been reading stuff he’s written for years. What he presents is useful for everyone but particularly for parents and teachers.

He also writes for the SF Chronicle and has a companion article to this video.

Crap Detection 101


And for some Dhamma writings that are very definitely NOT crap see this link.

available in many languages.  Essays, commentaries, mp3, video, ebooks


Am trying to finish reading David Foster Wallace’s Infinite Jest for the 2nd time. I read it when it first came out and didn’t dip too deeply for about half of the over 1K pages. This time I’m seriously wrestling with it.

Why does Sarah Palin talk as if her audience is 5 years old? Does she need a new prescription for her glasses?  Does she have some kind of perceptual difficulties? OK I won’t go there.

Have about 20 more blog posts in the queue and this one is an attempt at avoidance.  I admit it. It’s late and I’m not awake enough to finish any of them and not tired enough to sleep.


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  1. “Why does Sarah Palin talk as if her audience is 5 years old?”

    Respectfully, I’d like to respond: It’s my foremost speculation that she’s probably unable to recognize that possible – and very real – point of view about her way of public speaking.

    I could wonder, and I could also apologize if I may sound mean in this, but I mean this only sincerely, with sincere concern: Is she used to talking to a bunch of cognitive five-year-olds, perhaps? Maybe that’s her “target market”, as scary as that could sound.

    Oh politics – I’m afraid the politicians don’t always realize how strangely entertaining it can be… I’m for the Bugs Bunny party, myself.

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