Sex and the Sangha:Previously Unpublished Article

There is a new addition to the Aitken Archive at the University of University of Hawai’i at Mānoa Library. It is the article that was not published in The Village Voice a number of years ago. It is the experience of one student of Eido Tai Shimano and outlines the seriousness of the situation.

Zen and the Art of Seduction







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4 comments on “Sex and the Sangha:Previously Unpublished Article

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  2. That fact that things were this bad even in 1982 makes me want to vomit. Perhaps those people without a lot of exposure to Buddhist countries or societies didn’t get it, but this is not enlightenment, it’s not spirituality, it’s not teaching or “skillful means.” It’s not “unhindered behavior,” it’s not someone who can wield a “killing phrase,” it’s not someone who has received the Dharma of Shakyamuni: it’s just a very disturbed person who wormed his way into a position of power by playing upon other’s ignorance. In temples and churchs, if there’s money or something else attractive, sooner or later you’ll have con-artists and the seriously deluded sniffing around.

    In nearly every case, the precepts and your own good judgement are a very good standard for evaluating what’s going on and what’s right behavior. One of the very best guidelines I ever heard was, “Is this brightening my/their mind, or darkening it?”

    my appologies for being so harsh. (But damn it, somebody should have been thirty years ago.)

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