Overdrive-a passing note

Most of us spend most of our time in the high gear of the relative world. It is often difficult to find the time or methods to gear down.

Often there can be a feeling of exhilaration from this.

Other times we can rev in neutral being pulled down hill be the gravity of the situations around us. Sometimes not even bothering to steer. 

We can also reverse at high speed when memory pulls us.

We are going somewhere coming from somewhere.

Relative motion.

Driving distracted.

Scared to stop. Stopping is at it’s mildest boring.

Boring is good, a little closer to the truth of craving for the entertainment that the relative provides. Drama, excitement, action, participation, counting for something,  proving ourselves.

To stop is scary like death.

Stopping in stillness and silence is total experience.

Experiencing totality.

Now, that’s real entertainment.