Zen Boyfriends vs New Age Chicks

Back in 2002 Tricycle magazine published an article called Zen Boyfriends:Woes of a Wannabe Goddess by Mariana Caplan. It was a self-indulgent whine about her love life and the “distant, arrogant, righteous and terrified” men she seemed to be attracted to. She denies the New Age label but a reading of her jargon laden website at Realspirituality.com (and it’s connection to Marc Gafni among others) would somewhat belie that claim.

Now Blake at A Mindful Geek has written An open letter to new age chicks. also a self-indulgent whine about his love life and the “bitches” he seems to attract. Or was “Namaste, bitches!” directed at bitches in general and not just the New Age variety? He writes:

…new age chicks see “zen” and they attach on to you like a lamprey on a shark.
I understand why this is, honestly. I mean, new age girls usually start upon a spiritual journey by reading some pop-oriented material where the word “zen” is used as to mean “serene” or “of significant spiritual value.” So saying that you “study Zen” is translated into “I study serenity” and what’s more new age than that!

…and so on.

Reading these two pieces together makes for quite an interesting take. Have they met? Do they know each other? Perhaps had an affair some time ago? Tis but speculation.

So far in this game then it’s

Zen Boyfriends 1

new age chicks 1 + 1

the new age chick got it published in Tricycle so that counts for bonus points I think cause she got paid for it.

And good on you Trike for publishing such high quality Dharma materials. Can Blake get paid for his piece too?

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  1. I read that article in Tricycle when the issue was first published and at that time was puzzled that Tri had chosen to publish something so lacking in magnanimity.

    I have been a member of three different gyms and never, at any time heard anything said in the women’s locker room about ex boyfriends that matched the unpleasantness of the Zen Boyfriends article.

    Oddly enough, Mariana Caplan’s guru, Lee Lozowick is not even a Buddhist. He had a self reported spontaneous enlightenment while teaching Silva Mind Control, then found a Hindu guru named Ramsuratkumar who validated this state of enlightement. Lozowick states he practices in the Baul tradition in line with his guru.

    All I could do was silently congratulate the gentlemen who failed to match MS Caplan’s standards.

    For more on Lozowick, read here:


    Mariana Caplan wrote a book, Halfway Up the Mountain: The Error of Premature Claims to Enlightement.

    It contains a lot of quoted material from Lozowick and a great deal of quoted material from Andrew Cohen.

    Halfway Up the Moutain was published in 1999 from Hohm Press.

    I read through it and was left fearing that unless I submitted to a guru to have my ego ridden behind whipped into shape, my life would be doomed to futility.

    Fortunately, I trusted my gut and decided to trust that we can no more get rid of ego than we can get rid of our own skeletons.

    On a bulletin board a Zen buddy had this quote:

    “You know you are making progress in your practice when you lose interest in the games of submission and domination on offer in various theatres of cruelty.”

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