The New Complaint Department Page

I’ve made a new page for those who wish to complain. It is here Complaint Dept.

The disgruntled need as much consideration as anyone so hopefully I can accommodate them in this fashion. And often by putting down our complaints in writing we get a chance to examine in some depth not only what we are complaining about but the methods we choose to do so as well. When these things are taken out of our heads, so to speak, and presented to the world of consensual reality it lets us know exactly where our illusion status stands. It’s called reality testing and is a significant component in staying sane. So it is as a mental health barometer and public service that this page is now inaugurated.

This is the beta version. It may change a little depending upon what happens. Now if someone’s first complaint is about the complaint page that will just make my day. No really.

Here is the text from the page.

If you really hate this blog, dislike me even though we’ve never met, object to something that is written here, just generally need to have a wail about what’s happening on this flyspeck on the cybermap feel free to express it here.

You can even do it with html, videos and pictures if you want-but you have to format it first with code before you paste it into the comment box.

These complaints may be addressed with a variety of responses. Such responses may include:

City Hall style-which means it will be ignored

Campaign style-which means it will be debated

Academia style-which means the response will be at length and full of bafflegab

Martial arts style-which means I will not pull my punches

Public broadcast style-which means a panel of experts will be assembled to discuss the matter and it will be put into a blog post

Corporation style-which means you will be directed to a boiler-plate type document that covers complaints of your sort. The “You are a bad Buddhist” type complaints will likely receive this kind of response. When I finish writing said response I will link it here for your convenience and possibly save you the time of writing your complaint.

And of course I reserve the right to outsource responses at any time.

Be advised however that what you write here may appear in blog posts on this blog.


10 comments on “The New Complaint Department Page

  1. What an excellent idea!!

    To all those who complain, i would like to share a quote from my guru H.E. Tsem Tulku Rinpoche, “If you are lazy or complain a lot, it’s because you practised to be good at it! It’s not just the way you are. You became that way by choice and you practised.”

  2. What a good idea – oops, I mean, Whadd’re ya, stupid, or something? This sucks! I’d like to lodge a complaint! Put me on the line with your supervisor!

    Seriously, though, I enjoyed the various level of response. You forgot “Spiritual” Community-style, where we all share our feelings about the complaint, discuss lots of ideas we have about the complaint, make it clear through veiled use of community jargon that one another’s ideas are all contrary to the values of the community, and then never actually do anything about it.

  3. oh boy, oh boy!

    i love to complain!

    do you field complaints about natural disasters. as well? I’ve got a bunch of those…

    and, my goodness, I love bafflegab!

    thank you for this new service! it fills a real need in the buddhist blogosphere…


      • I’m a natural disaster. I have a lifetime of experience being a natural disaster. I’ll even work for free and then complain that you’re oppressing me. Do you have a boiler plate babblegarb response prepared in the event that I find time to complain while being oppressed?

  4. Dear Nella, a section like this is a good idea. No one need complain that he or she lacks a venue. At the same time, you are freed to deal with complaints at your own pace and on your own schedule.

    For fun, here is a description of how another person copes with harsh input.

    Rick Ross, of the Ross Institute, with his website, archives and message board (registration is free, but you must honor terms of use and be over 18) has a great system.

    He will dialogue for awhile with trolls, just to give them a chance to reveal the typical response/reactiveness pattern of the group or guru they espouse. But if a troll persistently disrupts discussion or clearly violates terms of use, that particpant’s handle is disabled from further participation.

    But because of the nature of his work (taking on high demand and abusive groups and providing sanctuary space where people can discuss matters and compare what they have been through)–Mr Ross has received many complaints and in some cases, hate messages.

    He has collected these in a separate catagory entitled The Hall of Flames. This subsection is rather hard to find. One must first go to comments from visitors, scroll very far down and only within that lengthy page is quotes is a paragraph that refers to the ‘Flames Section.’

    Given that Mr Ross has faced at least three serious lawsuits designed to ruin him and destroy the website, plus at least one serious cyberattack that we know of, his sense of humor in creating the Hall of Flames and the understated manner in which it is situated on the site bears witness to the dharma virtue of equanimity.


    A “flame” is a hot or angry email. And over the years my work has often attracted flames from angry individuals, especially those attached or devoted to the various groups and organizations mentioned at this website. The “Hall of Flames” was established to offer special recognition to these passionate people and the frequently heated if not eloquent critiques they have sent to my mailbox. “

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