A flash of fiction-Zen Fire

A young man heard about Zen methods. He went to a famous teacher to ask about it.

The old priest shouted during their conversation, “Is your hair on fire yet?!”

The young man was taken by surprise and asked, “How do I set it on fire? I have no match.”

The old priest said, more softly, “Friction.”

The young man left and vowed to wear only corduroy.

By NellaLou Tagged

4 comments on “A flash of fiction-Zen Fire

  1. Friction, indeed. New metaphor, with a new term – friction – on an elder, natural matter?

    Is there a friction produced of natural, emotive interaction, in light of the neutral natural mind? If there is, I think it is a natural part of being.

    Makes me feel more comfortable about my own corduroy pants

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