A Saturday Night Flamenco Interlude

Sometimes a person’s just got to take a break.

Traditional Styles

Here is a traditional style Tablao Flamenco done by Ana Morales. She is dancing in the bata de cola  skirt. Incredibly difficult to master since swinging it around and placing it and adding the flourishes all have to fit into the footwork of the dance.

Traditional Tablao Flamenco done with castanets. It’s harder than these dancers make it look. The dance they are doing is called the Sevilliana which is a partner dance.

Modern Styles

Sara Baras is an incredibly talented and original Flamenco dancer.

Joaquin Cortes is one of the most outstanding Flamenco dancers and choreographers that there is. His style is well grounded in the traditional but he sometimes adds influences from Salsa, jazz and modern dance.

This clip is from a film called Flamenco by the great director Carlos Saura. The dance style he’s doing is a called Farucca which is mostly done by men.


3 comments on “A Saturday Night Flamenco Interlude

  1. I guess this is the Cabaret bit of the smiling buddha cabaret. Nice interlude.

    I was lucky enough to see what appeared to be a family of Gitano’s picnicking and singing and dancing Flamenco in one of Seville’s parks about 10 years ago. I am not an expert on Flamenco but there are some moments when life is beautfiful and that moment comes very much to my mind.

    I sometimes wonder about the authenticity of some Flamenco, but it mostly always stirs the old Corazon. What is it about Flamenco that does this? I need to find out!

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