Some Interesting Folks on Twitter

The scope of those I follow on Twitter is not huge but it is very diverse. Many are not Buddhists but are related to media, news, activism and the like. (Although a few are all of those) However a few individuals brighten up all the bad news or bring a unique perspective to the Twitterverse.

GrandmaFlorence is 101 years old and Tweets from Hawaii

FakeMayaAngelou writes poetry and social observation of a sort. If you look closely at the picture you might notice a similarity to a certain well known comedian

whatsucksblog can’t let a day go by without a certain dose of sarcasm

thetracilords Yes that Traci Lords. Enjoying life after notoriety.

revbillytalen of the Church of Life After Shopping provides some interesting commentary on his blog as well

MrsStephenFry writes of life with Stephen. They seem to look very much alike. Long relationships tend to do that.

sfslim also known as Aaron Muszalski is one of those avant garde, culture jamming, Buddhist hackers out of San Francisco. Diverse interests from science to Burning Man.

yokoono is one of the most interesting artists that Tweets. Thoughtful and insightful

arjunbasu writes short Twitter length stories. One wouldn’t think that was possible but he proves that it is quite an art form on a daily basis.

mcsweeneysbooks is connected to the blog they keep that is chock full of funny, interesting and just plain odd pieces of writing.

JPBarlow well know co- founder of the Electronic Frontier Foundation

amandapalmer musician formerly with the Dresden Dolls, fiance of Neil Gaiman and all round loud gal lives life to it’s fullest. She has a blog too.

So these are a few of the people whose expressions I enjoy. The one thing they may have in common is their originality, creativity and uniqueness. Maybe there’s something to your taste here as well.

Here’s a video how to play tchaikovsky in the style of the punk cabaret. from Amanda Palmer. The link is her blog experience of this particular even wherein she was accompanied by the Boston Pops.

I’ll put together a list of more Buddhist related Twitterers when time permits. Though there’s a few in here already.

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