General Blog Ramble and a Little Stardust

Jumping on the bandwagon of the blog ramble-re-organizing, re-designing, re-thinking and so forth. Maybe it’s the time of year. (musical interlude)

And maybe it’s the time of year,
Yes and maybe it’s the time of man.
And I don’t know who I am,
But life is for learning.’
We are stardust, we are golden,
We are billion year old carbon.
And we got to get ourselves back to the garden.

Joni sings it better than me in a kind of jazzy-blues style.


I don’t know about butterflies and gardens with increasing amounts of toxic sludge and terrorism but a little idealistic escapism is a relief now and then.

Have redesigned the blog and have decided to keep on switching it up just to keep a fresh look. So if there’s nothing interesting to read here at least it’s some kind of eye candy surprise. Am trying to give you the total NellaLou experience man (sort of like the Jimi Hendrix experience but with chimes and chanting instead of a guitar-though guitars may make an appearance from time to time). And I want to bust out of the confines I had sort of imposed here as well. I do keep a bunch of other blogs on some other topics like travel and I don’t want to amalgamate them as it would then truly become a mess but I figure I’ve been talking about religion and stuff like politics, psychology, sex and social commentary keep showing up so I’ll just incorporate that too rather than make another blog. So this is more like a Buddhist social commentary rather than just about practice which only takes one short blog post:

“Sit or chant or whatever for a long time. Learn Buddhist stuff.  Ask questions of someone who knows. Develop bodhicitta. Meet similar others. Get over yourself.” 

Those are in no particular order but I find them all necessary. So that’s the gist of my practice. Don’t need a whole blog for that. [ I put it in a Twitter post as “My practice=Sit, chant or whatever. Learn Buddhist stuff. Ask questions. Develop bodhicitta. Meet similar others. Get over yourself.”]

One has to keep breaking out of the little boxes that keep being constructed for one’s self. It’s something like “re-gifting” Same old stuff, shiny new packages.

So with this post the late day agenda is almost finished:

1:00 Shower

2:00 Psychoanalyze Brad Warner

3:00 Eat a Sandwich

4:00 Tear down the soul-less corporate establishment

5:00 Check fridge for meal ingredients. Shop for groceries if necessary

6:30 Write blog post if I can think of something to write about or dick around pretending to do research for future post

7:30 Cook something then eat it

9:00 Watch TV or read something

11:30 Sit and stare

12:00 Put on cape and go on the Internet to save everybody from themselves (unless John Stewart and Stephen Colbert are on)

12:15 Sleep

It’s pretty much the same old routine day in and day out. 

About the blog, which was my intended topic sans tangents. I’ve got about 300 more links to put in the sidebar so making the posts every time I do a bunch takes too much time. So I’ll just keep adding and annotating them and make posts about certain sections now and then. And I want to put them on their own pages once they are all entered, with the annotations. It’s easier to do link checks that way too. It’s like a freakin’ explosion of new writing out there. But a lot of times I wait a few months to see if it’s an actual launch or not before I add.

So have a queue of about a dozen draft posts to examine for signs of content


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4 comments on “General Blog Ramble and a Little Stardust

  1. “Sit or chant or whatever for a long time. Learn Buddhist stuff. Ask questions of someone who knows. Develop bodhicitta. Meet similar others. Get over yourself.”

    Here’s a question for, I hope, someone who knows: How does one “develop bodhicitta,” and what is it?

    Not been walking this path too long. Meditating, yes. Buddha-learning more now, but only bits and pieces.

    Can ya help a guy out?


    michael j

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