Dharma Wars-James Shaheen Responds to a Blogger

Check out TMcG’s blog Full Contact Enlightenment for a thorough response from Tricycle Publisher and Editor James Shaheen about the Dharma Wars issue. It’s all in the comments. It comes immediately after my comment. Just another one of those interesting coincidences in life


The blog author has then apparently retracted her criticism after James’  lecture.


I’ve added my usual “bizarre rant”, unhinged “tirade” or whatever you want to call it in the comments there on the second post.

James Shaheen has responded to Nathan over at T’s blog and in particular discusses the relationship between Tricycle magazine and the Lenz Foundation from whom they get money. As I was the only one who asked about that in a comment here,  the forthcoming explanation is appreciated even via 2 intermediaries (T. and Nathan).


Can’t we all just get along?


9 comments on “Dharma Wars-James Shaheen Responds to a Blogger

  1. Its a shame if she ended up retracting her comments. I think the criticism of Tricycle and the specific article is warranted. If someone from the organization can help clarify or back up their stance then GREAT! But it doesn’t wipe away the criticism. I like to see the back and forth and the development of an understanding.

    Although suggesting that our speech can be bought by a free subscription is silly, NellaLou. I am quite vocal of my loyalties being for sale for a free pony and I won’t settle for less. Maybe a miniature donkey but that is as low as I am going…



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  3. A pony?

    So how much Freddy “Mr. Vallium” Lenz money did Tricycle get to enhance their on-line presence?

    Did you get any Nella? Anybody else out there in the Buddhablogsphere get any?


  4. Can’t we all just get along, is what rodney king said after cops were acquited of beating him on the west coast.

    michael j

    Conshohocken, PA USA

  5. I liked your comment about “not for profit.” Nonprofit status is just that, a tax status for IRS filings. It doesn’t mean you make only just enough money to get by on. The CEO of a nonprofit can be paid $1 million per year and it’s still a nonprofit.

    • Quite true Richard. It can be very lucrative and sometimes quite high profile as well.

      And consider, as a previous commenter wrote about the Lenz Foundation, another non-profit (meaning tax-exempt), where did all that grant money come from? According to their website there has been and are currently planned grants totaling over 5 million dollars. ( http://fredericklenzfoundation.org/Grants.aspx ) If that is what’s being given away what’s being held in various trust accounts and the like? We’re talking big numbers.

  6. Don’t feel so bad, I think I out do you when it comes to bizarre rants and diatribes.

    And yet they still won’t respond to justified questions, only deflect criticism with “we are being attacked with bizarre rants and personal attacks.”

  7. This has all been very interesting. Not sure where it’s going, but at least there’s some dialogue going on.

  8. Thanks for the heads-up NellaLou.

    It did give me an opportunity to explain why the appearance of a conflict of interest, even if there isn’t one explicity, is a problem.

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