New Forum and Zen Wiki for Home Practice

A couple of enterprising folks have set up some new resources for Buddhists at a distance.

The new forum ISangha is just getting off the ground. So feel free to get in there and help shape it into the kind of forum you’d like it to be.

As well a Zen Wiki for Home Practice has been set up at Empty Home Zen. Make some contributions for others at a distance.

Let’s call this The People’s Buddhism

Patti Smith The People Have the Power-video

Patti Smith The People Have the Power-spoken word video

I awakened to the cry
that the people / have the power
to redeem / the work of fools

Full lyrics

By NellaLou

4 comments on “New Forum and Zen Wiki for Home Practice

  1. Looks good to me.

    And I wish the home practice gang all the best!

    I do think there are a couple of things for all of us to keep in mind, particularly when our practice is mostly solitary…

    It is my considered opinion that anyone who can achieve a regular practice of sitting about half an hour a day most days can justly call themselves a Zen practitioner. More is better. But this is enough…

    I also think it critical that one touch in with an old hand once in a while. With formal authorization is better, if possible. But certainly someone you feel has genuine insight, and hopefully some heart. The brain is such a liar I think this a necessary part of the deal.

    If you can hit a retreat once in a while it is a very good thing.

  2. Hey Nellalou thanks for the endorsement! The wiki is just starting and it is my first attempt so any help from everyone out there would be appreciated.



  3. Thanks NellaLou, I friggin love “The People Buddhism” It says social revolution in a mindful way. As for Jack, the same goes for me, any help for the new board would be excellent from everyone out there.


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