Selected Works of David Loy

This is part of a series of articles on writers and speakers who I believe have important things to say to the Buddhist community and others.

I have enjoyed the work of David Loy for quite some time. His ability to apply Buddhist principles to the great problems of the world is inspired and his breadth of knowledge as well as skill with analysis makes his work sometimes surprising and always interesting.

The links I’ve collected are a mix of academic and popular writings from the past 20 years of so of this amazing man’s work.

Biographical Information on David Loy

David Loy – the Wikipedia entry

David Loy Zen Philosopher and Social Critic-a transcript of a video interview on David Loy’s life

Lack and Liberation in Self and Society-an interview with David Loy

David Loy Interview-on a Book Publication

Besl Family Chair for Ethics/Religion and Society-the academic biography for David Loy

“Healing Ecology: A ‘New’ Spiritual Perspective” a video lecture from Vanderbilt University (Youtube)

Writings by Topic

On Buddhism, Taoism and Other Religion

Adapt or Die

The Dharma of Destruction

The Difference Between Saṁsāra and Nirvāṇa

Enlightenment in Buddhism and Advaita Vedanta:Are Nirvana and Moksha the Same?

Is Zen Buddhism?

Jesus and Buddha as Stories?

Mu and It’s Implications

The Non-duality of Good and Evil

The Path of No-path: Śaṅkara and Dogen on the Paradox of Practice

Rethinking Karma

The Second Buddha-on Nagarjuna

The Suffering System

Trying to Become Real: A Buddhist Critique of Some Secular Heresies

Wei-wu-wei: Nondual action

Why Buddhism Needs the West

Zhuangzi and Nagarjuna on the Truth of No Truth

On Corporations, Economics and Consumer Culture

Buddhism and Money: The Repression of Emptiness Today

Can Corporations Become Enlightened?A Buddhist Critique of Transnational Corporations

Facing the Financial Crisis: How Buddhism Can Help-a round table with John Tarrant, Sharon Salzberg and David Loy (also at Buddhadharma)

Money for Nothing

The Nonduality of Ecology & Economy-from Ecological Buddhism

Religion and the Market

The Religion of Consumption:A Buddhist Perspective

On Culture

Preparing For Something That Never Happens:The Means/Ends Problem in Modern Culture

On the Duality of culture and Nature

Transcendence East and West

On Philosophy

Beyond good and evil? A Buddhist critique of Nietzsche

Dead Words, Living Words, and Healing Words:The Disseminations of Dōgen and Eckhart from the book Healing Deconstruction: Postmodern Thought in Buddhism and Christianity

The Deconstruction of Buddhism from the book Derrida and Negative Theology

The Dharma of Emanuel Swedenborg:A Buddhist Perspective

Indra’s Postmodern Net

What’s Wrong with Being and Time:A Buddhist Critique

On Psychology

Avoiding the Void: The Lack of Self in Psychotherapy and Buddhism

The Nonduality of Life and Death: A Buddhist View of Repression

On Social Ethics and Justice

The Heart of Buddhist Social Ethics (.doc format)

How to Reform a Serial Killer:The Buddhist Approach to Restorative Justice

On Technology and Ecology

Can Buddhism Save the Planet?

Green Dharma: Two experts take your toughest questions about ecology and Buddhism

Remaking the World, or Remaking Ourselves? Buddhist Reflections on Technology

On War

Buddhist Reflections on the New Gulf War

The War President… and the Importance of Politically Engaged Buddhism


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  1. What a great resource! Thanks. I, too, enjoy David Loy’s writing a great deal.

  2. David Loy is excellent. I’ve followed his work for several years. Thanks for the many links; should be fun digging through these manuscripts!

  3. I read “Avoiding The Void” and loved it! Thanks for posting all of these links. It’s enough to keep me busy for a very long time.

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