Ajahn Brahm Expelled for Ordaining Nuns in Australia (Updated)

In an official statement from Wat Pah Pong the well-known Australian Ajahn Brahm has stepped over the line by ordaining nuns. You can read all about it on Bhante  Sujato’s blog

Official WPP statement on Ajahn Brahm’s expulsion

which includes a copy of the letter attempting to explain the expulsion.

Oh the times they are a changin.

And here’s a brand new update from Bhante Sujato

Statement from Wat Pa Nanachat

This story’s got some legs I think.


This link was placed in comments but I add it here for your immediate reference:

A response from the Buddhist Society of Western Australia

Bhikkhuni Ordination at Bodhinyana Monastery, a Response to Ajahn Chandako and Others

By Ajhan Brahmali and the Bodhinyana Sangha

!Note 2

and a letter of support from Bhikkhu Bodhi:

Now Bhikkhu Bodhi’s revised response November 8, 2009

Some Blog and Other Reactions:

From the nun Phalanyani who keeps the marvelous blog silly nun: under shock

From Angry Asian Buddhist Arun writes This is Not a Schism

From The Buddhist Channel

From Buddha Forum

From the Buddhist Society of Western Australia forum

From Wisdom Publications blog Go Beyond Words History in the Making

Rev. Danny Fisher makes his opinion known The Wat Pa Phong Sangha Disavows Bodhinyana Monastery Over Ajahn Brahmavamso’s Ordination of Nuns

Shravasti Dhammika makes his point on the blog dhamma musings with this post Excommunicating Brahmavamso

Bhikkhuni Ordination from the Theravadin blog.

support bhikkhunis-a website set up to collect letters and information of support for Bhikkhunis

Facebook group set up to support Women and the Forest Sangha

Buddhist Channel has taken to Nobel Silence henceforth on this issue (!?)-an explanation of this decision The Buddhist Channel: Why the imposed “silence” on the Wat Pah Pong / Bhikkuni Ordination issue

Note 3

Open Letter To All From Ajahn Brahm On His Exclusion by Wat Pah Pong-from The Buddhist Channel

Some Background

An interview with Ajahn Brahm just prior to the expulsion Interview from the Bangkok Post via Buddhist Fellowship

For a little more background from Bante Sujato on the Five Points that have been adopted by the English Sangha. Not favorable.

My Current Opinion (not that it matters much)

I left a comment on Arun’s blog Angry Asian Buddhist (listed above) but I want to add to it and put it here as well.

He is still Ajahn Brahmavamso Mahathera not Mr. Peter Betts as he was born.  So “excommunication” which requires a full Vinaya vote is not what has occurred. The robes have not been repossessed. A  political (politics meaning the wielding of power) disagreement among a certain group of monks (who do not represent all of Theravada or even Thai Buddhism) does not throw the entire school or all of Thai Buddhism into disarray. Let’s keep some perspective on this and not sensationalize.

It would be nice if those taking the action against Ajahn Brahm would be more reasonable, in my opinion, but a lot of things would be nice if they came to pass. That’s just not reality. So this thing has occurred and people will adjust and take it from here.

Perhaps, once the upset from the situation wears off some fruitful dialogue will occur. To get people to talk of a situation is the first step to it’s resolution.

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  2. Could you post Bhikkhu Bodhi’s open letter commenting on the Bhikkhuni ordination conducted in Perth? It would be enlightening. Peace. Santi

    • I’ve found a letter of support by Bhikku Bodhi and linked it in the post above. I hope that was the one you were referring to.

  3. Thank you Luang Pong. I see now clearly the benefit of a life in meditative cloister with inner reflection, unperturbed by being the focus of the world’s attention, and media. Thank you Ajahn Chah lineage for taking a stand. The Buddhist world buffeted by ‘the world’ needs your calm judgement more and more. Please stay true for as long as you possibly can…It will sadly not be for ever. At least till the rest of the 5000 given years…

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  6. So do the bonds of brotherhood make it impossible for bhikkus to speak their minds on this issue? Are there members of the bhikku sangha – particularly western bhikkus who feel to intimidated to speak out in support of bhikkuni ordination. Is this what Buddhism is meant to be about? People unwilling to step forward and speak openly out of concern for the repercussions? I am not at all convinced that ‘silence’ is appropriate – when will progressive bhikkus find their voice? If you support bhikkhuni ordination and the rights of women – and you are a bhikku – why not speak up? Why should we live in the shadow of others. Why not set an example for the lay sangha who see gender inequality as totally absurd. Where is the courage to openly support the rights of women in the 21st century? Where is the courage of conviction among the liberal and progressive sangha?

  7. ✿⊱╮••●●♥♥❤✿ Peace, loving kindness and wisdom without borders to all ••●●♥♥❤✿
    We support gender equality in Buddhism as part of Millennium Development Goals .
    Venerable Ajahn Brahm did not break any vinaya or Buddhist precepts. It is strange that his monastery in Thailand reacted in such cruel way. They must meditate on Metta more …
    buddhadharmaobfinternational.wordpress.com Heritage of Mankind
    Treasure of pure Dharma ●●♥♥❤✿

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