How to be an Avant-Garde Buddhist

The Avant-Garde.  Is there anything more heady and enlightened?

The poetry and drama of out of control weirdness is sure to stop all the pretenders cold. The fine line between genius/madness/enlightenment is not to be approached by the less than worthy.

One must succor the innate disconnect between consensual reality and that which you have constructed/perceived with your own trans-inspirational Buddha-nature.

The dialogue between that ever precious mental metal lotus blossoming and the steely refrain of the galvanizing homogenization of the stimulative context in which it flourishes is the refuge and the source of that Nirvana-hum our Bodhicitta was meant to reach towards.

Enjoy the fruition of the moment. And you too can develop the Avant-Garde Buddhist within. It’s not merely a promise of so much more. It is as the Universe.

Here’s my poem for this hour. It is part of an on-going project (a must for the Avant-Garde).

on the bandstand
of life
Slander makes dander

Here’s some links to get started on your new identity as an Avant-Garde Buddhist

The Facebook Fan Page for Bjork’s Swan Dress-contemplate the dissolution of all things as you view the dress or make your own dress to wear as you chant the Heart Sutra but don’t use a real swan either for the dress or the chanting. In the latter case they make you lose your rhythm.


Nam June Paik’s TV Buddha– a video installation

bild-1During the ‘Projekt ‘74′ exhibition in Cologne, Paik took the Buddha’s place in his recent creation, suggesting the implicit antithesis between transcendentalism and technology was equally present in his own personality. From

A couple of sound things from UbuWeb

Tellus #19: New Music China (1988)
Ji Gong – Sings hit TV theme of itinerant Buddhist monk (2:29)
With refrain chant “Nan Wu A Mi Tou Fo” to the Amithaba Buddha. The lead-in lyrics: “My hat, clothes and fan are tattered. You laugh at me and I laugh at you.” Shanghai Record Co

Åke Hodell (1919-2000) 220 Volts Buddha

220 Volt Buddha – Electronic Purgatorium I (21:25)


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