What’s With #6?

Sometimes the mind comes up with the most ridiculous things. Today for a couple of hours I developed a strong aversion to the number 6. Yes a number.

Now I have no personal connection to this number.  No birthdays, anniversaries, memories etc. It has never done wrong by me in the past so I don’t know what this sudden change of feeling is about.

Perhaps I should say it started while doing a Sudoku puzzle for which I could not find the spaces for the number 6 in 2 successive puzzles. Then I started to get all forceful trying to put this 6 in places it didn’t want to go and thereby upsetting the 8s and 9s. Those are big numbers so they don’t like to be upset.

Then upon completion of these 2 puzzles my disdain for #6 took on a broader expanse. I started to make a list of “#6” things. Now I like lists a lot as anyone who reads this blog knows but to limit it to those things related to #6 is a bit too restrictive.   I started to resent #6 for the claustrophobic feeling it was giving to my list.

Not only that but the #6 on my calendar started to look a little menacing. I had to avert my eyes.  I remembered a flash of a dream in which #6 was possibly leering at me. What a horror of a morning!

But then again maybe it is the result of watching too many reruns of The Prisoner.

Watch “I am not a number.” from youtube.

I have subsequently apologized to #6 for my mis-perception of it’s intentions.

[file this under hyperbole]

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One comment on “What’s With #6?

  1. This is funny. I have the whole prisoner series on DVD and have the same linkages with regards to numbers. I think your dislike of the number 6 should rather be against #2, due to so many connotations against it. But try not to stress out about it. :)

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