Enough of Petulance and a Poem Maybe

[Last post was a little petulant I think. Enough of that.]

What’s in our house?

-a jungle

-a bomb

-a playground

-a sailboat

-a big pointy nosed rat

-a highway

-a child crying

-a bottle of whiskey

-an angry card player

-a flat tire

-a horse with no name

-a suburb

-a sand storm

-a walrus

-a pyramid

-a typewriter

-an oil refinery

-a kangaroo

-a fiery torch in the dark

-a cave full of bats

-a statue

-a president

-a camel

-an assault rifle

-a computer

-a thief

-a palace

-a discarded pair of shoes

-a taxi

-a trombone player

-a sentimental birthday card

-a box of nails

-a bag of pistacios

-a mountain range

-a newly formed star

-a mango tree

-a slot machine

-a stairway to heaven

-a half finished crossword puzzle

-a few pieces of fried chicken

-a soft touch of a hand to the forehead

-a little dust

There is no end to this list.

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One comment on “Enough of Petulance and a Poem Maybe

  1. That’s one busy life; you have lots of stuff going, enough to fend off the waves of boredom. The trick is, I’ve figured out after a long time, is to keep oneself constantly busy.

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