Chronicles of Practice 10

Another in this series bringing you great Buddhist blogs and websites  for your erudition.

Group Blogs

Emergent Dharma: Young Buddhist Blog -a large group blog with personal observations, poetry and honest reflections of new practitioners

The Heart Chan Paths-a group blog that anyone can post to provided they complete the registration. If you are involved in Heart Chan which comes from Shao Lin practice as is stated in the About section this may be a place to contact others with similar views. Most activities seem to center around the Berkeley area in California.

Buddhist Practices-Men

Angry Asian Buddhist-Arun Likhati of the Dharma Folk blog takes on the issues in his own blog

Buddha Patriot -“A Classically Liberal Neoconservative Tibetan Buddhist from the Midwest” is the way Chris from Minneapolis characterizes himself. Although not frequently updated his topical, political and sometimes pointed writing is interesting.

Dharmakara’s Prayer– from Sheffield the author Ray both a Quaker and an Amida Buddhist blogs about his life. Includes some wonderful photography.

do jhana-a Buddhist blog contains David’s reflections from Denmark on meditation and Buddhism.  The author is well read and acquainted with numerous schools of Buddhism and his interest in the area has been sustained for close to 15 years. There is also a link to the Spanish version of the blog.

Dorji Wangchuk – from Bhutan, engineer turned journalist/filmmaker Dorji Wangchuk keeps this personal blog about life in Bhutan.  From politics, religion and social commentary to road conditions in Thimphu this well-rounded blog provides a keen observer’s eye from the roof of the world. And the photos are great!

The Drums of Dharma – G.K. Sandoval in Phoenix writes about Buddhism and Indigenous Navaho practices in his eclectic blog. He presents news and a well informed opinion with kindness and generosity.

My Buddha is Pink -“Reflections as a gay man on my experiences with Buddhism” is the subtitle here.  Richard in Chicago presents the Theraveda perspective in his writings on Buddhism and society.

The New Heretics-Neil writes about his recent experience of coming to Buddhism after close encounters with Christian evangelism.

Sweep the Dust Push the Dirt –  Jack Daw’s strong viewpoint on Buddhist practice provides interesting food for thought.

Buddhist Practices-Women

Being – Angelina writes about human connection, ecology, emotion and her personal practice.

Buddha Frog’s Zone of Forgetfulness – Glenda muses on Buddhism, popular culture along with a presentation of original art and poetry.

DQ’s Windmill – “Writing about life with a dusting of Dharma.” is the brief description Donna of Culver City California gives to her blog. She is a Zen practioner, yoga teacher and philosophy instructor. Also poetry and personal reflections well worth the read.

Giving Notice Now – Jennifer of Boston who uses the moniker Jennifer-Buddhapublicist on her blog is involved in the publishing industry and with Buddhism. She likes to open her posts with pertinent quotes and relate them to her daily life. Amusing and bright.

Landscapes of Thought – From Boulder Colorado,  Dhyan writes of her spirituality in a gentle and honest manner.

My Magnificent Life – Angelina offers a perspective from her life in Ottawa Canada following the inspiration of the Bodhisattvas.

Monks, Nuns and Teachers

Cheerio Road – Zen priest and author of Momma Zen,   Karen Maezen Miller blogs about motherhood, Zen and daily life.

genkaku-againAdam Genkaku Fisher of Black Moon Zendo lives in Northampton, Mass. As a long time practitioner and newpaper writer the blog style is crisp and provides a unique perspective on Buddhist practice and daily life-what’s the difference?

Good Life Zen – Diamond Sangha teacher, psychotherapist and author Mary Jaksch offers insight and advice towards having a good life.

Whole Earth God – Although well known author Clark Walker Strand is a former Zen monk his long experience with Buddhism and religion in general, in my estimation merits inclusion in the teacher category. His blog encompasses dialogue on Buddhism, the bible, ecology  and everything in between

Websites of Buddhist Teachers

Chögyam Trungpa Rinpoche Straight Up

Jack Kornfield


For those interested in on-line Jukai and a 100 day Ango (practice period) you can head over to Jundo Cohen’s place and sign up.

He has posted the announcement at Shambhala Sun

From what I’ve read from those who have participated in the previous event it was time well spent.

By NellaLou

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