Youth 4 Change

I just ran across a newish blog that I found rather heartening. youth4change is put out by a group of young people affiliated with the Calgary (Canada) chapter of Communities Against Sexual Abuse.

The authors write well particularly on the subject of media. A number of articles deal with debunking media stereotypes, victimization, feminism and criminal issues. There are well reasoned posts on subjects related to  social issues like methadone clinics, and a series of articles on “Redefining Masculinity” . I look forward to their continued efforts.

While it’s not a Buddhist blog I’m going to put it on the list in the Other Directions category for now until I can think up a new category name for useful and interesting material that might be of interest to Buddhist folks.

I came across this blog because one of the authors, Joseph is now writing for the Progressive Buddhism blog. I’d recommend you check out youth4change and take in these interesting and valuable viewpoints.


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