Wheelchair Kamikaze

Get a view of what life is like from a wheelchair.  Marc from New York, diagnosed with MS has begun a blog to document his experience.  He’s rigged cameras to his chair and takes video and photos from that vantage point.  His blog is insightful and thought provoking.

Check out Wheelchair Kamikaze

While not a Buddhist the author has become familiar with Zen and has written a post about that

Zen, Poker, and Multiple Sclerosis

Am putting his blog in the Other Viewpoints section in the blog list.


2 comments on “Wheelchair Kamikaze

  1. Hi there, I am the Wheelchair Kamikaze. Thank you for posting a link to my site. There are actually quite a few posts on my site that involve Zen philosophy, but I’m trying to be subtle about it. I think of many of these posts as “undercover Zen”, feeding people a healthy dose of mindfulness without batting them over the head with it.

    Thanks again for noticing…

  2. Thanks for your reply Marc. Your video trip through Central Park really made me laugh. “undercover Zen” is a great concept. I didn’t real all your posts on your site yet but will come back and read further.

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