What is perspective?

Emerald river

in the sky

Not Akash Ganga*

but a ribbon

for Parvati’s hair


How to weigh meaning?

Stones fall and flags fly

The hill top

a decision point


How does a sound wave?

Between you and I

The ocean

It’s movements


What verb to choose?

The ripple

Of the Amaranthine*




What of time?

Touching earth

there is only

an afternoon


What of strength?

There is shelter




Where am I?

Eyes open

Fire is not water



What moves yet is still?






8.1 Right View

Photo source NASA

Photo information-The Aurora Borealis over North America. Taken by the space shuttle Endeavor

*Akash Ganga is used to describe the Milky Way as seen from the Himalayas. It means Ganges River of the Sky.  Mythologically in the area it is thought to be the place from where the Ganga came down through the god  Shiva’s locks and onto the earth at the Gangotri glacier. another photo here.  Parvati is the wife of Shiva.

8.2 Right Intention

Photo source Bazaar of Dreams travel blog

Photo information-Prayer flags atop a hill near Mussoorie India

8.3 Right Speech

Photo source Bazaar of Dreams travel blog

Photo information-Tibetan Buddhist monks and nuns debating at Tsuglag Khang temple McLeod Ganj-home temple of HH Dalai Lama

8.4 Right Action

Photo source Bazaar of Dreams travel blog

Photo information-Cloud formations seen from Harkidoon in the Indian Himalayas

*Amaranth-an undying flower or a type of ancient grain grown in the high Himalayas for food and for the red dye it’s flowers provide. Amaranth is mentioned in Dante’s poetry and in both the Old and New Testaments of the Christian Bible.

8.5 Right Livelihood

Personal collection

Photo information-Grain gathering at Uttarkashi India

8.6 Right Effort

Photo source Bazaar of Dreams travel blog

Photo information-Construction worker in Hong Kong

8.7 Right Mindfulness

Personal collection

Photo information-Fire building at Dodital Lake India

8.8 Right Concentration

Photo source Bazaar of Dreams travel blog

Photo information-Meditation of teacher and student on the banks of the Ganga at Rishikesh India

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