Chronicles of Buddhist Practice 9

Even though I’ve collected a lot more links to Buddhist oriented blogs I’ve somehow put off getting another post up to let you know about these interesting writings. I want to say I’ve been busy but actually I’ve been a bit lazy. It’s a little bit of focus that’s needed to get all these links organized and put in the blogroll and such and that focus has been lacking for a while.  But these posts don’t write themselves so am having at it again.

It seems there are new and newly discovered great writings from a Buddhist perspective appearing every day. This is very exciting. I am grateful to all these and every writer who is willing to share their perspectives, sometimes their teachings and often times their hearts.


Buddha in the Hood– a podcast brought to you by SGI members and produced by Linda Delmar

Buddhist Practices-Women

Buddhist Jihad-highly opinionated religion oriented blog in the vein of the politically slanted No Blood for Hubris. In fact by the same author.

CrankyBuddhist– Kimberly Kradel writes about Buddhism and identity.  Keeping it real since 2006.

Lakmi’s Blog-Lakmini Weerasinghe writes lovely poetry with the Dhamma as the main theme

Buddhist Practices-Men

Angelheaded Hipster-Joshua Eaton, divinity student, Tibetan Buddhist and socially active kind of guy presents some interesting thoughts on social ethics, Buddhism and life in general

At This Moment-politically left and informative Erik Toren, member of Flor de Nopal Sangha. in Texas provides us with a socially engaged view of the issues of the day

The Buddhist Conservative-Buddhism and Conservativism are not antithetical. Read this and get a new viewpoint.  Try this post for a taste A Post from the Archives.

Rebel Zen-DIY Enlightenment– Is it or is it not serious stuff? You decide. OK I might catagorize this one under humor.

Wayne’s Dhamma Blog-Wayne from Singapore discusses dhamma in every day life in this long running blog with interesting photos.

Monks, Nuns and Teachers

h~log-Hokai D. Sobol, Buddhist meditation teacher from Croatia presents an interesting perspective on social change, Shingon Buddhism, some integral philosophy and cultural ramblings

lodenjinpa-from Australia this monk gives essays and teachings on meditation and philosophy in a unique way

The Path Less Travelled–  Buddhist nunYejung shares her experience training in India in the Tibetan tradition. Although not updated frequently it gives an honest view of monastic life

a year in india-damcho shares her experience of Indian living as a Buddhist nun and working academically on a PhD

By NellaLou

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